Our Facility

Influence is a unique and vibrant content studio & creative space designed for creators of all kinds to bring their visions to life. Our mission is to provide a professional environment where individuals and businesses can capture stunning content tailored to their needs. From bachelorette parties celebrating in style to small businesses showcasing their products, Influence offers a versatile space for a wide range of creative projects.

Our purpose-built content studios cater to both creative endeavors and professional productions. The expansive main area is divided into four distinct and vibrant sets, equipped with interchangeable lighting and props. On the other side of the room is a small stage with seating for video podcasts, interviews and more. Additionally, our space encompasses a 600 sq. ft. dance studio featuring vibrant lighting designs, perfect for capturing dance or fitness videos.

We cater to diverse needs, providing specific areas for product shoots, allowing businesses to display their products effectively.

Photographers can utilize our space to capture subjects, while models & content creators have the flexibility to conduct self-photoshoots or collaborate with photographers and other creative professionals.

image of the content studio with 4 themed sections
image of the dance room. a 650 square foot aerobics-style room with LED lighted mirrors on the wall.
image of the "vanity" themed set. a teal and silver themed self-photography set with a ring light, a makeup vanity, and an LED vanity mirror for makeup tutorials.
image of a self-photography station featuring blue and purple lighting, a white sheer curtain backdrop with warm fairy lights shining through.
image of the "dark academia" themed self-photography set with a ring light, and DA themed décor for filming talking head YouTube videos.
image of a glass, mirrored cabinet with Y2K themed items inside. a lava lamp, a CD player, and some CD's can be seen inside the cabinet, and the entire cabinet is encased in a pink, sheer princess circular drape.
image of a wall in the Dark Academia self-photography set. This wall features an antique dark, wooden side table with an antique black and gold globe, old candle stick holders, and a treasure chest on it. Above the table is an antique, round mirror, with candle stick sconces on either side of it.
wide angle image of the entire studio, starting from the stage.